Ahoy mates! Great day on Inner Harbor with Urban Pirates!

Posted: Apr 2, 2017


It certainly was a pirate's life for three of our Casey Cares families who had the fun of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Urban Pirates and the chistening of their new boat, Relentless! 

Thanks to Cara Joyce and her Urban Pirates crew, our families were able to sail the Inner Harbor and experience life as a modern-day pirate! Our families also got a chance to put their medical worrries out at sea for a change, enjoying quality family fun together. Often our families find it difficult to get out and plan such events, but thanks to generous donations from people like Cara and companies like Urban Pirates, we can make some magic happen! 

We look forward to returning for a treasure hunt this summer when we have our annual Caring Connections Party with Urban Pirates and the Downtown Sailing Club! Thanks again for wonderful memories on the water


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