Meet Zion

Posted: Nov 14, 2017

Meet Zion 

Zion is 17 years old and has sickle cell disease but has also undergone two brain surgeries, one in Dec. 2013 and another just this past month for a brain tumor.

Zion's family are new residents of Maryland and have had trouble getting familiar with the area. Casey Cares has been the helping hand in exploring everything Maryland has to offer. Zion not only gets to explore his new home, but he gets to do it alongside all of his cousins.

“Children who deal with a critical illness … socially they suffer. He goes to school, but he doesn’t have that social group of friends. Casey Cares helps keep him connected and able to experience things that other children get to experience. And financially it helps. When you have to keep the bills paid and all of these medical bills, it’s tough to pay for other things and be able to expose him to things that children like. Casey Cares helps me do things for him that he probably wouldn’t be able to do otherwise and it helps keeps a smile on his face. I just love Casey Cares and all you do.”

For Zion’s 17th birthday in September, Casey Cares sent the whole family to Busch Gardens. Upon arriving, Zion was surprised by his hotel room being completely decorated just for him. His mother, Francine, says he is still talking about this birthday trip. It is important to involve the whole family in our program. Trips like these help everyone forget about the illness and the doctors even if just for a weekend.   

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