Rock ‘N’ Roll Bash Will Be Electric!

Posted: Sep 5, 2018

Ready for a great time for a good cause?

“It’s sensational,” said Bashgoer Brad Rodier. “(You’ll see) two outstanding performances by top-tier bands in a small and personal setting!”


Besides the outstanding food and drink, Rodier said the Bash offers a fun and energetic atmosphere where he can impact critically ill children in his community.

Laura King said she also believes in the amazing work Casey Cares does.

“Lifting spirits through many small acts of kindness has the greatest impact when you feel like your world has been turned upside down,” she said.

King said the Bash is something “you don’t want to miss!”

Bashgoer Geoff Heyl described the Bash as “awe-inspiring.”

“The atmosphere is electric,” he said. “High Voltage and the other bands put on a great show! Casey Cares is a great charity and I have witnessed the impact their programs can have on a family that is dealing with a critically ill child.”

Kyle Harris also supports Casey Cares for the kids.

“I support Casey Cares because it’s the least I can do with the strength shown by these kids and these families,” he said. “They deserve so much more that I can’t provide so I do what I can.”

Attending the Bash helps Harris “provide positive memories” to Casey Cares kiddos and also creates great memories of his own.

“It’s electric!” he said. “There’s fantastic entertainment and a friendly crowd.”

Attendee Jeffrey Simpson said the Bash is "alive with excitement!"

"I highly recommend grabbing a group of friends for this fantastic night out," Simpson said. "You will have a great time and support a wonderful cause!"

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