Orioles' Favorite Things - Early Bidding is Open

Posted: Jul 31, 2019

For those of you that just can't wait until Saturday, we have chosen some of our favorite auction items and are offering them online until Friday 8/2/19 at noon! 

Orioles’ players put together baskets of their must-have items.  You may never play like an Oriole, but you can use the same shampoo as Paul Fry, eat the same jerky as Shawn Armstrong or hit the same golf balls as Chris Davis.  The baskets also include some of the awesome giveaways that the Orioles have been handing out to the fans all season!  Don’t miss this opportunity to be a real Orioles fan and a supporter of our critically ill children. 

There is no bidding or arguing.  Should you want to purchase an item, simply email the link and state the item name. All items must be paid for by 5pm on Friday 8/2/19.  Each item is $500.  Any items not paid for by Friday at 5pm will be auctioned at 5K on Saturday.  No exceptions.  This will be first come, first served. Buyer responsible for picking up item or covering the cost of postage.  Email Erin@CaseyCaresFoundation.org





Online registration closes at 11:59 on Thursday the 1st

Register HERE