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The Casey Cares Foundation understands that mutually beneficial partnerships with reputable charities are a vital part of corporate identity. These partnerships play an important role in your company's marketing and communications strategies allowing you to target an additional audience while knowing you are making a difference to someone who needs your help.

Because we are a volunteer-based non-profit, your donation goes directly to the program of your choice. Likewise, companies provide the Casey Cares Foundation with invaluable resources that reach into every program we offer and affect each and every child and family we work with on your behalf.


We work with you to:

  • Create public relations opportunities
  • Convey good will among the public
  • Boost employee morale and volunteerism


Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Employee/Client Gifting Programs
  • Event and Program Sponsorships
  • Sales Programs
  • Grants
  • Volunteering


For details regarding benefits for specific sponsorships, contact us by email or fill out the form below.

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