Holiday Giving

Social responsibility opportunities during the holiday season

Raising money for Casey Cares’ programs should help you align your beliefs with those of your employees and clients.
Having an impact on local families should be personal, enjoyable and easy. 

Whether you call it social responsibility, corporate citizenship, or corporate conscience, Casey Cares knows that opportunities to “Give Back” are important to your company and your employees. They are important to Casey Cares too, especially during the holidays.

The Casey Cares Holiday Giving Program encourages co-workers, employers, family and friends to combine individual donations to sponsor our unique programs for critically ill children and their families.

We know that providing companies easy, fun ways to engage employees in giving and volunteering activities is key to creating lasting social change.  At the same time, this employee engagement allows your company to reap the benefits of increased employee retention while improving your company’s image in the community.

Through Casey Cares Holiday Giving Program you can:
  • Set up a custom fundraising page where employees can easily donate online

  • Plan a Dress Down Day, Bake Sale or other fundraiser to collect monetary donations

  • Commit to a level of support that includes volunteer opportunities for your associates

Recognition that works for you

We know it is important for companies to build and nurture relationships with local charities.  We understand how vital it is for you to align your beliefs with those of your employees and clients - we work hard to make sure that you are receiving the recognition that you deserve for your generous support.  From recognition in our e-newsletter and newsletter, logo and link on our website, and sponsor appreciation plaque, our top sponsors are thanked early, often and publicly. We welcome the chance to collaborate with you on a media strategy that makes sense for your company.

Get started

Whether you choose to involve your office, sports team, group, or whole family, your support would mean the world to the Foundation, and more importantly to the hundreds of critically ill children and families that we serve each year at the Casey Cares Foundation.

For additional information, to sign up, or if you have questions, email Wendy Silver -

Download our Holiday Giving Brochure to start making a difference today!

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